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How NOT To Apply To An Accelerator

Since first launching in 2008, Dreamit has received thousands of applications – heck, I’ve personally reviewed thousands of applications in the not quite three years since joining Dreamit. I’ve had the pleasure to read some really excellent applications that crisply and concisely showcased what made that startup shine. And then there were those other applications. 

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This Startup Uses Mobile Peer Support as a Solution for Medication Adherence

More than 50% of Americans are living with at least one chronic condition. Despite effective treatments that would allow patients to live healthy lives and lessen the $100B+ cost burden on the healthcare system, up to 60% of chronic patients fail to adhere to their medication regimes. In fact, up to 125K deaths and at least 10% of hospital admissions annually are the result of non-adherence. This startup seeks to solve that problem.

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Digital Health Funding Activity in 2017

In terms of shocking moments and surprising fads, 2017 is yet to disappoint. Amidst a sea of fidget spinners, “covfefe,” and unicorn frappucinos, one welcome trend is the unprecedented number of dollars and deals pouring into digital health. With an unremarkable first quarter followed by record-breaking deals in Q2, the digital health funding landscape is poised to have it’s best year yet if the momentum continues.

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