Health Tech News Roundup

Can hospitals be rebuilt better than before using technology? The Economist

The FDA, for the first time, has allowed a genetics testing company to sell tests for disease risk to consumers. The company will start providing reports this month on the risk of five diseases: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, hereditary thrombophilia, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, and Gaucher’s. NYT and MIT Tech Review

Brain scans and machine learning are paving the way for breakthroughs in treating depression. Vox

Value based care is linked to lower readmission rates. MedCity

A Google exec discusses the role of VR and AI in healthcare. MedCity

Vitamins and the failure of free market health The Atlantic

Can digital therapeutics be used as drugs? MIT Tech Review

In policy news, the WH has finalized a rule that would strengthen the ACA market. 
Trump allows states to block Planned Parenthood funding. 
Map shows dramatic rise in health insurance under the ACA. 

Fundraising News:

  • OM1 raises $15M from General Catalyst to provide better outcomes for patients using predictive analytics. 
  • Wellthie raises a $5M Series A round led by IA Capital to help consumers navigate insurance market.
  • Blink Health raises a $90M Series A round led by 8VC to enable people to buy generic drugs online and pick them up locally.
  • Sansoro raises a $5.2M Series A to improve interoperability in healthcare.
  • Amino raises $25m led by Highland Capital to help match consumers with doctors who treat their specific ailment.