Health Tech News Roundup

Oncora has partnered with MD Anderson to use precision medicine to improve outcomes. MedCity News

Why healthcare innovation needs to become routine and how hospitals can encourage it. More

What is precision medicine and how will it help us fight cancer? Medical Futurist

Intermountain Healthcare in Utah wins Hearst Health prize for their work in mental health. More

Digital health companies Voxiva and Sense Health have merged to form Wellpass, a patient engagement startup with a large focus on Medicaid populations. More

Here are some of the top VR companies in healthcare. Medical Futurist

Adidas has launched a an app that tracks all aspects of wellness. More 

The opportunities for machine learning in healthcare are endless. Healthcare IT News

Fundraising News

Digital health startups raised $2.5B across 124 deals in the first quarter of 2017 — a record high amount for the first quarter but lowest deal volume since 2011. Big data analytics business Grail raised $914 million Series B fundraise, which accounted for a big chunk of the funding raised for the first quarter.

Amino, a San Francisco price and service comparison tool for health care providers, raised $25 million in Series C funding from Highland Capital Management. More

Wellthie raises a $5M series A to exapnd into other insurance categories. More

Pond Healthcare raises $2.1M for their mobile spirometer product. More

Tilak Health raises $2.7 for therapeutic mobile games. More

Cognoa raises $11.6M to analyze parents provided information to track a child's development. The startup uses parent recorded outcomes and machine learning to provide feedback. More 

Connecture raises $17.5M for its online health insurance marketplace platform. More

Healthcare Policy

  • Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove points out tat the ACA was based on a Republican idea first put forth by Mitt Romney and emphasizes that the real problem lies with costs associated with inefficient care. More
  • Indecipherable medical codes are one of the reasons the cost of health care is rising, as hospitals have learned to manipulate them. More
  • This lawsuit questions the legality of government subsidies for low income people to receive health insurance and could be a way for Trump's administration to "blow up" the ACA markets. Vox
  • Iowa's largest insurance is withdrawing from Obamacare exchanges. More
  • Expanded coverage under the ACA has resulted in 240k new jobs. That's 1.5x the number of jobs in coal and related services. More