Dreamit is a venture fund and startup accelerator with a focus on startups in three key industries: real estate tech, cybersecurity, and healthcare technology.

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Dreamit works with forward-thinking corporates, government agencies, healthcare networks, insurance companies, and other organizations to give executives and leadership teams a look at the disruptive technologies re-shaping their industries. These meetings provide insights into new technology ecosystems, inspire innovation thinking among employees and executives, and help teams uncover new opportunities for partnerships.

Build Relationships

Join the Dreamit team in industry deep-dives with a curated group of startups. You and your team can build relationships with founders of these game-changing startups. 


Shape the Future

Meet with founders to learn how new technologies are disrupting industries. Form partnerships, learn about new trends, discover new business models, understand technological advances, and more.

industry focus


Our top-ranked Healthtech accelerator gives startups access to the most extensive network of potential customers in healthcare, including national providers, major insurance companies, and pharmaceutical corporations.


Securetech is designed for startups on the cutting edge of logical, social and physical security. Startups work with CISOs, CSOs, and security leaders at large corporations, government agencies, and the military to grow their businesses and achieve scale.


Our Urbantech program gives built environment startups an opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in real estate, to start pilots, and to be part of the transformation of an urban district into a smart city.


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At on-site events during a Customer Sprint, Dreamit founders give a brief 5-minute presentation about the problem they are solving, why they are the company to solve it, how their solution is unique, and what traction the team has already achieved. After each pitch, you get to spend 10-20 minutes asking questions and learning more about the startup.

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What our partners are saying

These start-ups are solving some of the country’s biggest health care problems. Thanks to Dreamit, we are shaping a healthier future for people across the nation!
— Daniel J. Hilferty, President and CEO
Penn Medicine.png
We’ve learned a tremendous amount about how to open the right doors and provide valuable guidance and resources for entrepreneurs seeking to improve health care, and can now apply those lessons learned at a larger scale.
— Ralph Muller, Chief Executive Officer
It’s tremendously exciting and we’re proud to partner with Dreamit to help bring new ideas to market.”
— Steven M. Altschuler,. Chief Executive Officer (retired)
I usually hate these things and get very little value. This was the best I ever attended and will follow up with several companies.
— Exeucutive Team Member
It was a productive well run morning. We look forward to the next steps.
— Jerry Sweeney, Chief Executive Officer
city of NYC.png
Our guys really loved this - it was not ‘salesy’, but to the point, and very technical. Please sign us up again in six months.
— Innovation Leader
Related Companies.png
We want this.
— Joe Rich, Chief Innovation Officer