Join the Dreamit Advisor Network

Members of the Dreamit advisor network have the opportunity to connect with and contribute to the world’s top Healthtech, Urbantech, and Securetech startups. Dreamit portfolio companies include Redox, Cherre, Protenus, Tissue Analytics, Eko, Raxar, Cylera, and other leading startups.

What we look for in an Advisor:

  • As an advisor, you should be able to add significant value to a startup through things like relevant industry experience, access to a large network of resources, introductions to helpful contacts, etc.

  • You have been in an operational role at a successful startup and have achieved milestones (gained successful pilots or trials, raised Series A or B (or later) investments, navigated the hardships of building and launching products, recruited strong teams, or contributed to the successful exit of the business).

  • You have a unique insight into making enterprise sales or helping with other key business development functions.

  • You work in a role directly related to healthcare, security, or urban technology (real estate, construction), which are the three Dreamit verticals.

What is expected of an Advisor?

  • When we announce each new cohort, we will email you with information about the companies in it. After receiving this list of startups, if you feel like you can provide certain companies with unofficial advising or guidance, we’ll make an introduction to their founders. Please consider if there are any particular areas where you believe you’d serve as a great resource to a founder. You can also decline if you feel like you have little to offer a particular group of startups.

  • We’ll add your photo and bio to our website as an advisor, but we will only make introductions on a case by case basis.

  • Please don’t bring up money or compensation when advising Dreamit startups. There is no compensation for becoming an advisor. If you want to deepen the relationship and become an advisor with equity, you can discuss that with a founder later down the road.

If you’re interested in becoming a Dreamit advisor, please complete the following form: