Health Tech News Roundup; Week of January 30th

United Healthcare sees profit of $1.9 billion. The insurance company made headlines when it pulled itself out of California and many other health exchange markets where it operated. More

Leaders of biotech companies do not support Trump's plans to complete change and cut the regulatory framework of the FDA. They see the changes under Obama as leading to faster drug development, while maintaining guardrails. If no one has proof of efficacy and safety, then all drug makers suffer because everyone loses integrity. More

GOP changes to the ACA raise an important question: What, exactly, should insurance cover to be considered insurance? More

This op-ed suggests that healthcare is broken in the US because it doesn't take into account social factors such as the way people are born, grow, live, and age. More

Healthcare costs in America are drastically higher than in other countries, but results are the same or worse, according the WSJ. More

Senate Republicans cleared Tom Price for Secretary of Health and Human Services without Democrats present after clear conflict of interest issues arose that threatened to stall his nomination. More

Metabolic deficits arise 20-30 years before people begin showing symptoms of Alzheimers, suggesting that Alzheimers might be a result of a metabolic condition. Now, one company is in Phase 3 of testing a new therapy based on the hypothesis that amyloid build is caused by cell death as a result of cells that unable to process glucose. More

The majority of people within the healthcare industry are against Trump's ban on Muslims, according to MedCity News. More

This op ed discusses why physicians were reluctant to adopt Obamacare. More

Predicting shakeups we're going to see in telemedicine during 2017 Read More

Hospital system could find itself paying $2.5 million plus for incomplete data Read More

California health system slashes $5 million form software spend, scrutinizing value Read More

Founding CEO returns to head physician/patient engagement startup PatientPoint Read More

Funding News:

Skinjay, a Paris based consumer health and wellness device company, raised $3.7 million from Seventure Partners More

UberCloud, an on-demand super computing platform for scientists and researchers, raised $1.7 million in a round led by Earlybird Venture Capital More

Curated by  Stephen Malkowicz