Health Tech News Roundup

Facebook turns to artificial intelligence to tackle suicides. More

HomeHero is shutting down its caregiver service and pivoting in a new direction. The founder penned a very detailed Medium post about why they made this decision. The intensity of state regulation and overestimating the ability of payers and providers to pay for non medical home care were two large miscalculations. More

Arrakis raises $38M for new frontier in drug discovery. More

The majority of healthcare organizations will use IoT tech by 2019. More

A large study shows that wearables for fitness may not help with attempted weight loss. More

What is 'wellness real estate' and is it effective? More

Lux Capital raises $400M and will invest at least 40% of that in healthcare. More


The Republican health plan may result in cheaper plans that cover fewer services for those covered. Why did people on Medicaid vote for Trump? Trump is calling for a streamlined FDA. Indiana is a bellwether to determine if Medicaid expansion is working. A repeal of the ACA would make retiring early impossible for many Americans. The NYT reports on the adults a Medicaid work requirement would leave behind. Nationwide stress levels have increased over politics since the election, according to a study.