Health Tech News Roundup | February 13-17

Cerner president Zane Burke writes that APIs are the future of interoperability and will put patients first. More

11 recommendations for startups developing wearable health trackers. More

Nearly 14k providers are billing for end of life planning. These end of life treatment sessions focus on medical directives and treatment preferences for patients, but they are considered "death panels" be Republicans in Congress. More

Marathon Pharma charges an astronomical $89,000 for its muscular dystrophy drug. Congress is now investigating. More

Amazon's Alexa makes its way into medicine as hospitals experiment with voice UI and AI Read More

This MedCity op-ed uses Dreamit startup BrainCheck as an example of a company raising awareness of health issues, instead of solely focusing on the product's technology. More

Telemedicine based patient education reduces readmissions for one health system in West Virginia Read More

Proposed bill would make healthcare providers criminally liable for not tracking opioid prescriptions Read More

Dreamit Health partner Penn Medicine is harnessing big data to lower ER visits for lung cancer patients Read More

Doctor rating startup secures $2 Million for expansion without taking venture capital Read More

Bill Gates states that Trump's new nationalism could put global health in danger. More

Hospitals are using IBM Watson for clinical trial matching. Watch How

Policy News: 

GOP conservatives and moderates cannot agree on how to repeal and replace Obamacare. Senators are pushing for Tom Price to allow drugs to be imported from Canada to combat rising prices. National health expenditures are expected to grow 5.6% annually for the next ten years. Healthcare organizations have increased staffs to boost EHR adoption, but is this approach sustainable? Data shows that the ACA did not spur consolidation in the healthcare industry. 

Funding News:

CareDash has raised $2M in financing without giving up any equity. The company operates a number of health consumer media sites, and offers reviews of over 30k physicians. More

SigTuple, an India based AI medical diagnosis company, raised a $5.8 million Series A round led by Accel Ventures More

WelbeHealth, a California based senior healthcare provider, raised a $15 million Series A round co-led by F-Prime Capital and .406 Ventures More

HealthReveal, a New York City predictive platform for chronic disease, raised a $10.8 million Series A round led by GE Ventures More