Digital Health Startup Somatix Raises $6M for Body Motion Data Tech

The Israeli company's BMD Management platform allows physical and emotional medical symptoms to be observed from the simplest hand gestures.

Israeli big data analytics software company Somatix today announced it has closed Series A $6 million financing round led by Digitalis. The company had previously closed a $1.5 million seed funding round from private investors and graduated from Dreamit Health, the accelerator and venture fund, in 2016. 

Herzliya based Somatix has developed its BMD Management platform. This is the first offering of its kind enabling physical and emotional medical symptoms to be observed from the simplest hand gestures.


Utilizing sensors built into a range of wearables, including smartwatches and smart bands, the Somatix platform allows organizations to remotely maintain continuous, bi-directional contact with those under their care. It tracks, filters and examines huge volumes of motion data in real time, and employs cloud-based machine learning and adaptive algorithms to produce insights on physiological and even emotional states. The platform also provides alerts granting complete real-time health and well-being visibility and can be used to trigger incentives, so as to help individuals improve adherence and compliance with treatment objectives.

Somatix CEO and co-founder Eran Ofir said, "The Digital Health and Remote Monitoring industries are showing tremendous momentum, but none have yet realized the potential of tracking body motion, and specifically hand gestures, as the key to determining, sorting through and comprehending lifestyle indicators. We will use the funds to drive company growth via continued innovation in our technology and strengthen relationships with our customers and partners”.




The company offers two proprietary digital health solutions powered by the Somatix BMD Management platform: SmokeBeat smoking cessation monitoring enabling improved user compliance and adherence with prescribed cessation therapies, and SafeBeing elderly care assistance to enhance well-being of elderly individuals via monitoring of their ADL (Activities of Daily Living), identification of sign of deterioration in their health, and provision of assistance in emergency situations.