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How to Create a Scalable Customer Interview Process

It's critical to constantly get feedback from customers when building a startup. Maybe you are launching a new product or rolling out a new feature. Maybe you are just launching your company and you want to get feedback on your minimum viable product. Maybe your feature set has become unwieldy and you are trying to figure out which parts of the product people value the most. Here's a way to conduct customer interviews in a scalable way. 

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Watch: Choreographing the Sale

People think that when you memorize a sales pitch, you become less creative. Kiva Kolstein, CRO of AlphaSense, believes the opposite is true. If you’ve retained your pitch or demo, you go in knowing what you want to say about your company or product and you are free to be more present in the moment. Every single interaction with or for a prospect, from research and introductions to discovery and close, has the potential to impact the outcome of a deal. Kiva will take you on a journey from the first touch to executed contract, introducing the concept of choreography at every step.

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