How to Create a Scalable Customer Interview Process

It's critical to constantly get feedback from customers when building a startup. Maybe you are launching a new product or rolling out a new feature. Maybe you are just launching your company and you want to get feedback on your minimum viable product. Maybe your feature set has become unwieldy and you are trying to figure out which parts of the product people value the most. 

In any of these situations, you will need a large sample set of responses from dozens or even hundreds of customers, you'll need a structure for those interviews, you'll need a way to generate lists of people to contact, and you'll need a way to track the feedback you get. 

This great post by Andrus Purde walks through an entire process and gives founders a toolset for conducting a large number of interviews without this process taking over your entire life. Purde outlines how to: 

  • Define the interview process
  • Generate a list of contacts
  • Automate the workflow, using Pipedrive, Calendly, Zapier and other tools
  • Track progress
  • Plan out the interviews
  • And then how to turn these initial interviews into long-term sources of feedback