Utilizing Social Selling Techniques for Your Startup

What is social selling? 

If you are one of the dwindling number of people who still think that social media in sales is a waste of time, you should be aware of the power of social selling techniques. Social selling is changing the way that sales occur. Social selling is the intersection of three different types of sales processes. 

  1. Insights based selling- how are you helping a customer along the buying journey to become an informed buyer? 
  2. Trigger based selling- job change alerts or macro triggers or other contextual clues that prompt you to initiate sales
  3. Referral based selling- LinkedIn happens to be the CRM of record for referral based selling for this aspect of social selling

How do you use social selling tools? 

  1. Join groups on LinkedIn. 
  2. Set up industry specific blogs on an RSS feeder like Feedly so you have information to share with your prospects. 
  3. Optimize your social profiles for selling. (Here's a guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile)
  4. Create your own content, i.e. start blogging. 
  5. Get up to date on social selling tools like KiteDesk, rFactr, InsightPool, and Nimble. Learn more about them here

You should develop a routine around social selling. Here's a sample: 

These are just a few ways to start building a strong sales pipeline. Join us for a webinar on Wednesday October 26 at 12pm ET to learn more about this topic from a panel of experts. 


For more information about social selling: 

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