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Health Tech News Roundup

A partner at Google Ventures discusses what it would take for them to invest in a wearable startup. MedCity

Regenerative medicine has the potential to make a huge impact on healthcare by keeping costs down, improving quality of life, and changing the role of the doctor. MedCity

Digitally managed clinical trials are poised to accelerate results and reduce costs. Workflow and regulatory questions remain. Read More

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What we're reading in digital health news

Digital health companies raised nearly $224 million in August, with $70 million going to Accolade Health. 

Pregnancy apps are the second largest digital health app category. Here's how one startup is changing the way we think of prenatal care. 

Here are the factors driving digital health investment in China. There has already been over $1.1 billion invested in the space in the first half of 2016.

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