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Are EHRs causing physician burnout? A study found that doctors spend more than half of their time on EHRs and desk work, prompting calls to refocus on patient engagement. Read More

Doctors might soon be prescribing virtual reality as a painkiller. Brennan Spiegel, who directs health services research at Cedars-Sinai, says researchers found that 20 minutes with the virtual-reality software reduced patients’ pain by 24 percent on average. Read More

Yext makes changes to its Healthcare Location Cloud product, which helps providers manage information on individual physicians. Read More

Here's a primer on the two types of machine learning being used by healthcare organizations by MIT professor John Guttag. Read More (And in a related article, here are the must-haves for machine learning to thrive in healthcare.) 

Chrono Therapeutics raises $47 million for smoking cessation digital health wearable led by Kaiser Permanente Ventures. The device provides nicotine before patients wake up in order to reduce cravings during the early morning hours. Read More

PillPack raises more money, valuing the startup at over $330 million. The company manages multiple prescriptions for customers by pre-sorting and packaging and delivering the drugs. Read More

A report by Accenture suggests that poor healthcare app development could cost hospitals up to $100M a year. The report suggests that hospitals move towards a more patient centered app development approach, as opposed to just creating static scheduling apps. Read More

Digital health companies raised nearly $224 million in August, with $70 million going to Accolade Health. Read More

Pregnancy apps are the second largest digital health app category. Here's how one startup is changing the way we think of prenatal care. Read More

Here are the factors driving digital health investment in China. There has already been over $1.1 billion invested in the space in the first half of 2016. Read More

Apple is tightening the criteria for digital health apps in the iOS store. Read More

Providers are eager to use predictive analytics for population health management, but only 30% of providers use the technology today. Read More

AI is poised to change healthcare and become a $6.7 billion industry by 2015. Here are some ways AI is being used in digital health today. Read More

Theranos is one of the most controversial health startups ever created. This in depth report in Vanity Fair explores how the culture of secrecy ultimately led to the company's downfall. Read More

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