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October 31

Houston based cognitive assessment app BrainCheck raises $3 million. BrainCheck is currently participating in the Dreamit accelerator program. MedCity News

The future of healthcare is in data analytics. 

Could medical devices be used in an attack like the one that took down Twitter? Modern Healthcare

Investors are pouring money into fertility tracking apps that are using data to change women's health. The Guardian

Third Rock Ventures closes $616 Million healthcare fund to invest in product engine companies, i.e. those companies with platforms capable of producing multiple products for multiple indications. MedCity

The Cleveland Clinic announced their top ten medical innovations for 2017. These are the technologies that have the highest potential to transform healthcare. Modern Healthcare

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Last Week

IBM is using weather data to prevent asthma attacks. They are partnering with Teva Pharma to build a Bluetooth-enabled inhaler that will be connected to IBM Watson Watson, allowing population health info to be combined with data gleaned from the user's inhaler. They will also incorporate data from the Weather Company, which IBM recently acquired. 

 A patient's depiction of their ER waiting room experience in the form of a bingo game has been widely shared on Reddit and other social media, giving a glimpse into patient experience in ERs. View

EpiPen competitor Auvi-Q is returning to market and promising lower costs. More

MediSafe provides interesting data on when medication adherence is strongest. More

British digital health company is pivoting from stress app to overall well being after Microsoft's discontinuation of its fitness tracker caused a disruption in the hardware. More

A partner at Google Ventures discusses what it would take for them to invest in a wearable startup. MedCity

Regenerative medicine has the potential to make a huge impact on healthcare by keeping costs down, improving quality of life, and changing the role of the doctor. MedCity

Digitally managed clinical trials are poised to accelerate results and reduce costs. Workflow and regulatory questions remain. Read More

What is CRISPR and why is it important? Here is a primer. Medical Futurist

Why aren't companies like Google and Apple leading the charge in revolutionizing healthcare technology? Read More

Concussions are not the only causes of brain damage among athletes, new studies are finding. This app helping to diagnose brain injuries in real time for athletes. Watch Video

The allergy diagnostics market is set to reach $3.8 billion by 2024. North America will account for 40% of that growth. More

Approximately $6.5 billion has been invested in digital health technologies in the first three quarters of 2016. More