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6 Ways to De-Risk Key Assumptions

Under lean startup methodology, founders attempt to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible to create some order out of the chaos involved in starting a company. Failures are inevitable; but, great founders know how to fail quickly and cheaply, rather than trying to take on boatloads of venture capital funding to solve a problem with an approach that doesn’t scale or, even worse, to solve a problem that does not exist or is not that painful. Read more about strategies you can use to identify and de-risk key assumptions.

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How Wearables Startups Are Solving Major Problems in Healthcare

On this special edition of Marketing Matters, Americus is joined by Eran Ofir, CEO and Cofounder, and Dr. Charles Herman, Chief Medical Officer of Somatix. Somatix has created cutting edge technology for the health care industry in the form of a real-time gesture detection platform that utilizes sensors built into a range of wearables, as well as predictive analytics and machine learning to passively monitor, remotely track, analyze, and deliver insights and help act on massive volumes of detected gesture data. 

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