EdTech News Roundup

MIT Media Lab's Jen Gross discusses how to use gamification and GBL (game based learning) in education with Rod Berger. What are the challenges, the qualities of good games, being a female in a male dominated sector, and more. Watch Here

Virtual reality is being used to monitor behavior (how your body reacts, how you behave, etc.) in online classrooms. This technology is solving problems of a shortage of teachers around the world. Bloomberg

Are curriculum demands to blame for slow adoption of edtech in schools? Schools are sometimes forced to use tech only for test prep, and much of what curriculums are based on is not applicable to real world skills. This article discusses how the role of tech is changing the role of teachers. Read More

Here's a list of 50 must read higher ed IT blogs EdTech Magazine

IoT technologies are arriving on college campuses, forcing colleges to grapple with data and privacy concerns. EdTech Magazine

How to monetize your edtech product? It's all about positioning your product. EdSurge

One principal argues for the idea that technology should be allowed to shape education. Read more

Learning happens faster when students are more active. This is called brain based learning or 'whole brain learning.' Some edtech companies are building products around this idea. Read More


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