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Market Segmentation Fundamentals: Why Segmentation is Critical to Customer Growth

Market segmentation is a data-driven exercise that founders should engage in at various points after they begin selling to customers. To figure out your market segments, your team should be looking at factors such as market size, growth rate, CAC, win rate for gaining customers, and average LTV. Based on these numbers, you can then determine your sales activities, marketing initiatives and even your product roadmap. In this series, we'll discuss key topics around market segmentation and give you a framework for doing it effectively for your startup. 

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How to Build Your Sales Pipeline

As a founder, one of the most important things you must worry about is your sales pipeline. These are the people who will buy your products and inevitably build your brand. It’s up to you to build a solid pipeline that continues to flow freely for many years to come. Here’s a guide to doing just that. 

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