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Privacy in Digital Health: HIPAA & Beyond

Handling and manipulating patient information is critical for health tech startups, but, in dealing with patient medical information, known as protected health information (PHI), startups must be well-versed in how to remain compliant. In this webinar discussion, we will break down the various components of HIPAA, including the privacy rule, the security rule, and the breach notification rule. We will also discuss what HIPAA applies to, the consequences startups can face when health information is wrongfully disclosed, and other issues startups commonly face.

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How to Find and Work with The Best Startup Advisors

Last week we hosted a panel about the importance of Advisory Boards for startups. Unlike a board of directors, an advisory board is much more informal and commonly utilized on an ad hoc basis by founders when they need help. Advisors make critical introductions, provide essential tactical advice regarding business strategy, fill in knowledge gaps, and signal to the market that your startup is worth engaging with.

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