From Stethoscopes to Pitch Decks

One of the big discussions in the healthcare community is whether healthtech platforms are enabling clinicians to be more efficient or if current systems are too out of touch with end-user, causing discontent among clinicians. Recognizing the divide between her peers and technology, Dr. Subha Airan-Javia dedicated her career to bridging the gap between the two. 

In this #DreamitLive event, Dreamit Healthtech Managing Director Adam Dakin speaks with Subha Airan-Javia, CEO of TrekIT, to understand how she turned her passion for creating clinician-friendly tech into a new healthtech startup on a mission to empower clinicians. The session will cover:

  • How Dr. Airan-Javia developed a successful in-house application at Penn Medicine

  • Barriers/challenges she faced when deciding to commercialize her idea

  • How her clinical background and passion for technology helped her along the way

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