A Comprehensive List of Healthcare Venture Capital Firms

As the healthcare industry experiences meaningful growth over the next few years, startups will have plenty of opportunities to create products that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of care.

To develop these products and bring them to market, most entrepreneurs will need to raise outside capital. Luckily, with increased health spending, VC funding to upstart HealthTech companies has grown in lockstep.

To simplify the process of raising funding for your health tech startup, below you will find a database of healthcare-focused venture capital firms. These firms focus on backing companies in sectors such as digital health, medical devices, diagnostics tools, tech-enabled services, and pharma.

In the database, you will find the following information about each firm:

  • Name

  • Website

  • Primary location

  • Primary focus(es) in healthcare

  • Notable portfolio companies

We will update the database as we find additional impactful health tech VC’s. In the meantime, if your firm or investment group doesn’t appear on the list and you would like us to include it, please email jack@dreamitventures.com.