Dreamit Startup Infermedica Wins HIMSS Award

Artificial intelligence has begun to meaningfully affect every industry, and the healthcare industry is no exception.

In April of 2018, IDX-DR became the first autonomous, AI diagnostic to receive FDA approval. And over the last few months, several AI-focused health tech startups such as Paige.ai ($25M Series A) and Prognos ($20.5M Series C) have raised significant venture funding as well.

Infermedica, a startup participating in the current cohort of Dreamit HealthTech, has developed a platform that uses machine learning to analyze large sets of patient data. From these analyses, the Infermedica inference engine can provide preliminary medical diagnoses and care recommendations.


Companies like Allianz, Dovera, and HealthLoop already use Infermedica’s white-label solution to help patients choose the most effective and cost-efficient care option based on their symptoms.

Infermedica entered the Investment Readiness Academy and EC2VC Investors’ Forum & Pitch Competition at the HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference 2018 in Barcelona this past weekend, and emerged as the winner.


Piotr Orzechowski, Infermedica’s Founder and CEO, had this to say about the win:

“We were truly honored to accept the best pitch award at the EC2VC Investor Forum. At the event, we had a unique opportunity to present in front of a jury of 12 European and US-based healthcare investors who recognized the importance and scale of Infermedica’s mission. The award encourages us to work even harder on putting the most advanced AI technology in the hands of all patients.”

With momentum from Dreamit HealthTech and its success at HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0 Conference 2018, Infermedica is well-positioned to introduce its technology to new European and North American healthcare markets