Smart Buildings Tech Challenge

As the Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) celebrates its 100th birthday, NYCEDC is turning to the city's rich ecosystem of smart building innovators to enhance the infrastructure and operations of this New York City landmark. The Smart Buildings Tech Challenge invites applicants to submit proposals to address three key smart building areas. Selected finalists will be invited to a pitch event this summer, and winning proposals will be contracted by NYCEDC to pilot the project at BAT.

The three Smart Buildings Tech Challenge areas are outlined below. Applicants with a market-ready solution to one or more of the challenge areas are welcome to apply. Deadline to apply is July 12. 


Metering: Technologies that increase accuracy and efficiency in electric or water metering, such as:

  • Solutions that generate data on electrical or water usage, allowing staff to create operational efficiencies that result in lower costs or lower environmental impacts 
  • Solutions that increase accuracy and ease of reading tenant electrical or water sub-meters and tenant invoicing

Maintenance: Technologies that improve maintenance of on-site infrastructure, including elevators and water pumps, such as:

  • Solutions that generate data on elevator use, allowing staff to improve elevator performance and create operational efficiencies that result in lower costs or lower environmental impacts 
  • Solutions capable of remote monitoring and control of elevator locations
  • Solutions that use technology to inform preventative maintenance, such as remote inspection of pressure, temperature, and other conditions of water pumps
  • Solutions that support proactive operations and maintenance of building infrastructure and systems, allowing for greater insight into equipment status and performance

Communication: Technologies that facilitate communication between BAT staff, tenants, and the surrounding community or applications that facilitate communication for other smart building solutions, such as:

  • Solutions that visually share key data, such as building events and opportunities, weather and transit information, news feeds, wayfinding kiosks, or emergency notifications (e.g., interactive building directory; digital signage in elevators and tenant common spaces)
  • Solutions that increase communication and collaboration between BAT staff, building tenants, and/or the surrounding Sunset Park community (e.g., BAT app for staff and tenants; maintenance request portal; digital signage to connect tenants to the nearby events/businesses)
  • Solutions that enable connectivity within an industrial setting for communication with IoT devices (e.g., solutions to improve connectivity such as boosters, repeaters, or extenders)