Health Tech News Roundup

Q founder and CEO Jeffrey Kaditz and a16z bio fund general partner Vijay Pande in conversation with Sonal Chokshi discuss how health data can be used more effectively. How can we use data captured over multiple points in time -- something not really done right now in medicine -- to be more predictive, sensitive, and specific beyond so-called "representative" population samples? Listen here:

Akili Interactive Labs has developed a video game diagnostic to detect early onset Alzheimers. It is a much less invasive way to detect the disease, which is currently detected by lumbar punctures and PET scans. More

Silly putty yields an extremely sensitive sensor and could potentially be used in wearable devices in the future. More

Heroin deaths in the US have surpassed gun homicide deaths for first time ever. This raises questions about how the Trump administration will respond.  More

AxoGen shows that it's possible to be a scrappy biotech company. More

The NYT has produced a story on what life is like in areas controlled by Republicans where the Affordable Care Act is not allowed to reach. More

The American Medical Association has come under fire for its endorsement of Tom Price, who has been nominated by Trump as Secretary of Health and Human Services. More

More hospitals want money upfront before providing care. With increasing deductibles, patients are having trouble paying. More

Head of Cleveland Clinic Toby Cosgrove will be advising Donald Trump. More

Providers are beginning to create programs to aid with housing insecurity and other social determinants of health. One program is providing certain benefits to reduce ER visits that cause a burden on the system. More

Funding News: 

Berlin based period tracking app Clue Raises $20M. More

Bill Maris of Google Ventures is raising his own $230M healthcare focused fund. More

Elysium Health, which produces health supplements focused on longevity, raised $20M Series B funding from ARCH Venture Partners. More 

Arthro Therapeutics raises $2.2M from Sweet Capital to support digital arthritis care. More


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