EdTech News Roundup

What kind of approach to education policy will the Trump administration pursue? And why are those choices important? Read More

EdSurge lists the higher ed edtech conferences that you need to know for 2017. Read More

The 74 features a lengthy in depth interview with Louisiana Schools Chief John WhiteRead More

Part-time piecemeal work is replacing internships in some cases. Udacity just launched a program to help graduates from its programs find short term work from potential employers. Read More

This op ed in EdSurge encourages teachers to collect student impact data on edtech products to stop the problem of gimmicks in education products. Read More

Some professors are helping to combat fake news sites and Reddit threads by bringing that news into the classroom to analyze and encourage students to contribute to the conversation. Read More

More and more teachers are incorporating media literacy into their curriculums to help students know what news is real and what is fake. Read More

Being a superintendent is a lonely job, but technology is helping connect education leaders to each other to find solutions to problems. Read More

EdSurge looks at what Betsy DeVos has done and what her stances as Secretary of Education might look like. Read More

The 74 looks at Betsy DeVos's stance on online education. She is a champion for online education even though it has dismal results and has been shown to product worse academic results than brick and mortar schools. Read More

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