Paul Schultz
Vice President of the US Financial Services Sector (FSS)

Paul Schultz most recently was Vice President of the US Financial Services Sector (FSS), IBM Security. In this capacity, Mr. Schultz ran IBM Security’s Go-to-Market operations for the US FSS market; which represents more than twenty percent of IBM's global Security business. In the latest YoY comparison, he led his team to deliver market share gains by growing more than twice the market rate. Prior to IBM, Mr. Schultz held Global leadership positions at Crowdstrike and McAfee/ Intel Security which saw him consulting with clients across the world and throughout many industry verticals.

While at McAfee/ Intel Security, he led his teams to grow revenue 933% through exclusively organic methods. Mr. Schultz focuses on business enablement, operations and technology strategy within Cyber Security, and has worked with the US Federal Government, leading Automotive, Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Retail firms. While at Unisys, Mr. Schultz led the largest transformation of security and access decision making across both the northern and southern land border crossings of the United States through the design and implementation of the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Customs and Border Protection's (CBP) Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). In collaboration with other Governments in the Western Hemisphere, this new system blends both digital and traditional methods as part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. By leveraging digital identities, this system is able to create a security rating for the person prior to them reaching the Border Control Officer. This decreases time spent in-line at the land border crossing while also simultaneously improving the country’s security.