Video: Increasing Sales with Market Segmentation

Startups have a limited budget for marketing, so it's critical that they prioritize how those dollars are spent. Market segmentation can help startups prioritize their resources to achieve the largest impact with the leanest budget. It's a data-driven exercise and a key component of any marketing plan. In this webinar, Stephen Bouikidis and Mary Jordan of Magma Digital will present tools and tactics that enable founders to evaluate opportunities and reach new audiences.

What founders will learn in this workshop:

  • What market segmentation means and when startups should start thinking about creating a strategy around it
  • Case studies of successful segmentation 
  • New tools that enable a scalable and streamlined way to study different customer groups

About the Hosts:

This workshop will be led by Stephen Bouikidis and Mary Jordan of Magma Digital, a marketing consultancy focusing on digital strategy and go-to-market readiness. Learn more about Magma Digital here: