Dreamit HealthTech Alum Kaizen Health Raises $3.8M Series A

With analysts expecting the size of the ride-hailing industry to grow to $285B by 2030, startups have a huge opportunity to leverage new transportation networks to improve other industries.

Dreamit HealthTech alum Kaizen Health is doing just that. The startup, founded by Mindi Knebel in 2016, leverages existing ride-hailing and NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) services to increase access to healthcare.

Kaizen Health partners with companies like Lyft and Medical Transportation Management Inc. (MTM) and works with health systems to improve the process of scheduling medical transportation discharges, clinical trials, and appointments. The company also makes it easier for in-home health care providers and senior living communities to schedule medical transportation for their clients.

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For transportation businesses like Lyft and MTM, Kaizen presents an opportunity to serve additional clients and ensure they receive the medical care they need. For health systems, hospitals, and other organizations, Kaizen removes transportation as a barrier some patients might experience when accessing care.

This morning Kaizen announced it closed a $3.8M Series A round of funding led by Lewis & Clark Ventures. Other co-investors in the round included Ekistic, Hyde Park Angels, Acumen, Impact Engine, and MTM.

Kaizen already works with Sinai Health System, The University of Chicago, and other organizations to ensure patients get essential medical transportation and care.

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