Public Speaking 101 with The GoldJam Creative Team

GoldJam Research and Tips Referenced in Webinar:

All charismatic speakers possess both Strength and Warmth Here's a quick read. Command respect and invite support by standing tall and smiling. 

Power Posing: Here's the TED Talk (and the study backing it up). In general, our physicality can affect our minds; body language affects not just your listener, but you as well. 

Vocal Pitfalls: Beware of monotony, sing-song, up-talk, dropping endings, whispering, and vocal fry. 

Vocal Warm-Up: Get in touch with the range of your voice, and connect it with your body. We recommend accessing your voice deep in your chest on a "ha"; directing your mid-range speaking voice at a specific object (as if an invisible arrow is shooting out of your mouth) on "hey"; and allowing your voice to resonate in your nose on "heee." 

Active Verbs (list attached!) are verbs your could strongly physicalize if you had to for some reason ("accuse" and "adore" are much stronger than "explain," for example). The main goal with these is to affect your audience and leave them with a feeling they'll remember long after your pitch. If you want to walk into the room and "be confident" or "be mesmerizing," which verbs will activate your delivery enough to get you there?

Creativity: Avoid "death by powerpoint" by taking some time for your own creativity brainstorm. Consider telling a story or anecdote, employing a comedy trick, or using visual or auditory aids. Choices can be simple or grandiose, but -- either way -- it's essential to have a plan.

Whether you’re pitching an investor, speaking at a conference, or simply delivering meeting talking points to peers, this webinar will give you the tools to connect with your audience. You will:

• Learn proper stance, body language, and vocal techniques
• Boost confidence and charisma
• Understand presentation “pitfalls” and how to avoid them
• Think outside the box to make presentations more exciting, engaging, and memorable

This webinar is led by GoldJam Creative. Founders/instructors Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula coach communication skills – such as public speaking, pitching, giving and receiving feedback, diversity and inclusion, effective communication, and more - to individuals and companies, including Spotify, Squarespace, Time Warner, Buzzfeed, and American Express.

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Allison Goldberg & Jen Jamula are co-creative directors of GoldJam Creative, an organization dedicated to exploring the influence of the Information Age on communication, and to bringing comedy and creativity to the workplace. The duo leads communication skills workshops for companies, co-working spaces, incubators and student groups as varied as Buzzfeed, Time Warner, Spotify, NBCU, DreamIt Ventures, Barnard, The Girl Scouts of NY and more. Alli and Jen were recently featured on the cover of Time Out New York, which ranked them among “the 10 funniest women in NYC”. They are co-creators and producers of Blogologues, a sketch comedy show in which internet content is performed live and verbatim. Blogologues has been featured in Newsweek, The Daily Beast, CBS, The Huffington Post, NPR and more. Alli and Jen have created content for brands such as The Guardian and Time Out New York, are Creative Consultants, and have spoken and performed at conferences nationwide, including SXSW, Internet Week, and Summit. They graduated from Yale University.