Health Tech News Roundup

Digital health had a good year in 2016. There was $7.9 billion invested in 585 companies. Digital health companies with products centered on the patient experience accounted for the most deals this year and collectively raised $2.8 billion. The largest digital health investor was GE Ventures, with 18 deals. 

The adoption of EHRs was a turning point for healthcare, and now a new crop of doctors who are digital natives are poised to push health tech even further. There is no need for months long training. The heuristics are already ingrained. Read More

The NYT dives into how changes under the ACA changed how healthcare is delivered across the country. Read

MedCity provides four healthcare investment trends to watch in 2017. Read

Atul Gupta of Phillips Health gives his top predictions for health tech in 2017. Read

Despite threats to the ACA, GE Ventures is continuing to bet on analytics in healthcare. Read



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