Health Tech News Roundup

Steve Barsh lists 8 healthcare trends related to tech startups he witnessed at the JP Morgan 2017 health conference. Read More

Gene editing, techno-medicine, and pharmacology breakthroughs are among the most exciting medical advances of the past year. More

IBM Watson will be working with the FDA to use blockchain to make health data more secure. The research initiative could give patients better access to their own data, and potentially lead to new medical discoveries. More

Here's a list of 27 health technology categories to watch in 2017. More

Four growth areas for digital health in 2017: consumerism, pharma/biotech, public health as a market opportunity, and value based care models legitimizing digital health. More

Andy Slavitt is head of the agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid. He's waging a Twitter campaign against members of the GOP who are trying to repeal Obamacare without a replacement. Read More

A new startup called Forward is attempting to make concierge medicine a viable option for consumers. Patients would not pay insurance but, rather, a flat monthly fee to access doctors. Read More

Funding News

SilverCloud Health has raised $8.1M led by B Capital Group. More

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