Health Tech News Roundup

TechCrunch created a timeline of the top biotech stories of 2016. More 

Study shows that if male doctors achieved same results with Medicare patients as female doctors, it would result in 32,000 fewer deaths. More 

Patients and caregivers have an increasing role to play in clinical research. More

NBA to explore allowing players to wear wearable fitness trackers during games. More 

Massachusetts is a model for how healthcare can be affordable to families and still be ranked as one of the top states for R&D in the country. More

Alexa is being used more and more for healthcare. You can find doctors, get medical advice for children, and use Health Care Genius to find the meaning of difficult medical terminology. More 

The prevalence of dementia is declining even as the population ages. More 

Around 670,000 people completed applications on Healthcare.Gov on a single day last week. More

Fundraising News

Cota raises $18M to help oncologists categorize and sort molecular data. More

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