Health Tech News Roundup

A late stage Alzheimer's drug failure has rippled through the pharma industry. The drug, which hinged on the beta-amyloid thesis, had raised hopes for other companies. More

Amazon is bringing the consumer voice to healthcare. More

The Harvard Business Review on how digital therapeutics can bring down costs for businesses with their focus on helping those with chronic disease. More

Where does healthcare go from here? The POLITICO podcast looks at what an Obamacare repeal could look like. More

Obamacare is an extremely complex system that relies on all pieces working properly to create a sustainable whole. This cartoon explains in simple terms why you cannot keep parts like the assurance that people are covered with pre-existing conditions while doing away with others, as Trump has proposed. More

Telehealth is shifting toward provider driven models as consumers do not respond to payer-driven models. Health systems are making a bigger attempt to reach customers when they are actually looking for information, i.e. when they are searching online. This makes intuitive sense. Payers are the last place consumers want to go when finding information. More

Third Eye Health raises $1m to expand telemedicine platform. More

Startup Genalyte may achieve what Theranos could not, making diagnostics a more decentralized industry. Their goal is to make a blood test a 15 minute procedure you can do at a doctor's office. More

Insurers have spent years gearing up to compete in healthcare exchanges. What does a Trump administration hold for them and other pieces of the healthcare value chain? Gavin Teo of B Capital Group gives his thoughts on what's in store. More

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