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Partnering with Large Corporates in Education

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This webinar is meant to be a resource for edtech startups working with K-12 schools or universities. Explore options to work with corporations beyond pilots and contracts. How can startups find win-win relationships with larger organizations around things like distribution, outreach, speeding up the sales process, and creating a succesful proposal. 


Nicole TuckerSmith, Founder of LessonCast

Kai Lou, Director of Business Development at Blackboard

Jeff Smith, Executive Director at Penn State

Adam Fried, Superintendent at Harrington Park School District

Other topics to be addressed:

What does “partnering” even mean? Just a euphemism for “selling” or something more?

How do partnerships work? 

How does this differ with the size or scope of the partnership? (e.g., $$ thresholds that trigger RFPs, crossing dept boundaries)

How long does it typically take from initial contact to signed contract/agreement? To actual launch?

What are some tips to speed this up?

Are “free” partnerships (viz., someone other than the organization pays) faster / easier?

How many people need to sign off on a typical partnership before it is approved?

How does the process differ with other organizations within your sector? (e.g., other universities, other school districts)

How does a large organization decide who to partner with?

How does a startup identify who within an organization to approach? What questions do you ask to find out who the real decision maker is?

What is the best way to reach that person and then “qualify” that organization as a lead / confirm that they have budget?

What are some of the key items a startup should have in place before proposing a partnership?

What are some of the things that have killed promising partnership discussions?

What are some “No”s in disguise (e.g., like when a VC says, “we love what you are doing but need to see more traction”)

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