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Partnering with Health Corporates

This panel is geared towards startups who sell to large enterprise clients like payers, providers, and pharma companies. We want to get answers on what a successful enterprise level partnership looks like for health organizations. What do stakeholders hope to gain? What kind of traits do they like to see in founders? What can startups do to increase their chances of finalizing a deal with a large health organization?


Mohit Prajapati, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation at Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation

Kim Krueger, Startup Innovation Program Analyst at PARC

Glenn Robertelli, COO of Admetsys

Some of the other questions that will be answered include... 

  1. How do you define a partnership?

  2. What are the incentives to partnering with startups for enterprise organizations?

  3. How do partnerships work with the organizations represented by the panelists?

  4. How does this differ with the size or scope of the partnership?

  5. How long does it typically take from initial contact to signed contract/agreement? To actual launch?

  6. What are some tips to speed this up?

  7. How do health organizations decide who you want to partner with? What factors make an organization a good potential partner? A bad one?

  8. For a partnership to succeed, it needs to be a win-win for everyone involved.  How do stakeholders identify opportunities that are clearly aligned with the strategic needs of your partner?

  9. Who is typically the “right” person to approach with an organization to initiate partnership discussions?

  10. What are some of the key items a startup should have in place before proposing a partnership?

  11. What are some of the things that have killed promising partnership discussions?

  12. Once you have established an initial partnership, what are ways to grow it?

  13. To wrap things up, what’s one of the more innovative partnerships that you’ve seen between a startup and a larger organization?