Aaron Fulkerson
Co-Founder of MindTouch

Aaron Fulkerson is one of the Founders, the former CEO, and a Board Member of MindTouch. MindTouch is a leader in self-service customer support and knowledge management. Aaron co-founded MindTouch as an open source project that quickly became one of the World’s most popular with thousands of daily downloads. He helped turn this free software project into a successful SaaS company that serves many of the World’s most respected brands and provides self-service support to millions every day. Aaron worked at Microsoft in Advanced Strategies and Policies. He has keynoted many conferences on the topics of entrepreneurship, leadership, management, and technology. He has been published by Forbes, CNN, Fortune, and many technology publications. Aaron has informed national policy for higher education at the White House. He has helped to create education-focused non-profits for underserved communities.