SecureTech Insights | Meet the Startups | 9-21-2018

Dreamit startups kicking off the Fall 2018 program

Dreamit startups kicking off the Fall 2018 program

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How Early-Stage Startups Are Innovating in CyberSecurity

Earlier this month, our team at Dreamit kicked off our Fall 2018 SecureTech cohort, the inaugural group of security-focused startups in our new program led by Bob Stasio. After evaluating hundreds of potential startups for entry into the program, several trends emerged that point to how security technology will evolve in the coming years. We wanted to share some of those insights with you... 

  • More startups are bringing “military-grade” products to commercial markets and taking analytics and methodology from the intelligence community and bringing them into the enterprise.

  • Multi-authentication and password replacement solutions continue to be a focus area for security startups and more products are utilizing “dynamic biometrics,” which measure changes in biometrics over time as an improvement on standard biometrics.

  • Machine learning is enabling startups to mine dark web data to empower networks to defend themselves against attacks before they occur.

  • Cybersecurity training is becoming a necessity for corporates as the majority of data breaches come from human error, as opposed to direct attacks. 

Meet the Dreamit SecureTech Fall 2018 Startups

ARMR enables every one of the 2M U.S. Service members and global forces to increase survivability with the world's first persistent, wearable high junctional tourniquet system.

Cyber Skyline provides a cloud-based platform that distributes cybersecurity technical evaluation, aggregates performance metrics, and tracks performance and growth by providing users with a single score and ranking that can be compared across specific skills within a group, company or an entire industry.

CyR3con (Cyber Reconnaissance) predicts cyber attacks before they occur using proprietary technology designed to uniquely address each customer’s threat landscape.

Cybri offers an exclusive marketplace of vetted cybersecurity experts available on demand. Services provided include CISO on Demand, Pen-Testing, Network Security Monitoring, and Incident Response.

Graphus automates protection against social engineering attacks, using a portal where end-users don't need to install any software, plugins, or end-point agent.

JustProtect reduces the average compliance assessment process from 6-8 weeks to just one day, using a platform that focuses on behavioral analytics and analyzing potential discrepancies.

SignPass aims to rid the world of passwords, a security measure that is outdated and is the entry point for 63% of all cyber attacks, with an elegant, secure solution that is built for user privacy and ease of use by identifying users’ handwritten passwords.

What We're Reading

  • Large corporations have just 72 hours to report data breaches under new regulations set by the European Union. These new GDPR guidelines that require a fast turnaround time are causing huge issues for companies, who often need more time to know about the incident and scope before reporting it. 

  • 91% of all "hacks" use email as the principal vector by which information is obtained and then used to compromise a system. The single most effective guardagainst this problem is the adoption of "digital signatures" for all email communications. 

  • VPNs are now being adopted more frequently by consumers who want to protect sensitive information while browsing online. The WSJ looks at a number of popular VPN products and weighs the pros and cons of each. 

  • 91% of cybersecurity pros fear hackers will use AI to attack their companies. The technology also has the potential to deter cyberattacks, and the majority of companies with a cybersecurity strategy are using AI as a tactic already. 

  • There's a major cybersecurity skill gap in the United States. The WSJ outlines 3 ways that we might solve this problem. 

  • Humans are critical to hunting cybersecurity threats. Tactical and operational intelligence can help identify the what and how of an attack, but human intelligence gathering is key to uncovering the motivation and identity of attackers. 

  • Read about how Facebook is trying to moderate billions of posts each week. 

  • The AI in cybersecurity market is expected to reach $18.2 billion by 2023, according to a new study. Network security has accounted for the largest part of this market. 

  • Amy Laycock, COO of CLTRe, discusses the steps to building a security culture in your company and how this can be measured. 

  • Researchers have come up with a system for making pass-phrases more secureand practical to replace long, complicated passwords. 

  • The WSJ reports that Amazon employees have been bribed to leak corporate data, including sales metrics and personal details of reviewers, to sellers on the platform. 

  • Spam phone calls have increased markedly over the past year. One security professional discusses ways to prevent up to 90% of spam calls. 

  • Threat intelligence from a variety of sources indicates that nation-state adversaries from Iran to Russia have leveraged the supply chain as a vehicle to compromise US infrastructure and disrupt businesses.

Funding Announcements 

  • HYAS raised a $6.2M Series A to help infosec and cyber professionals detect and defend their data. 

  • Cybersecurity startup Myki has raised $4M to scale operations. 

  • Indegy raised $18M to defend the critical infrastructure of corporations and governments. 

Featured Event

Dreamit SecureTech and Flashpoint are hosting an event for the cybersecurity and engineering communities in the Philadelphia area. Hear from some of Flashpoint’s engineering and subject matter experts as they present on OPSEC considerations when navigating the Deep & Dark Web, followed by a live Q&A panel. Network with your peers and enjoy complimentary food and drinks.

Register Here to Attend

More Events

  • Cyber Summit New York | September 25 | This event connects C-suite executives responsible for protecting their companies to innovative solution providers.

  • Ascent Conference | New York | October 3-4 | The NYC tech community converges to network and learn with over 70 roundtable discussions, 50+ keynotes, and networking with entrepreneurs and VCs. Ascent is offering everyone in the Dreamit Ventures network a 50% discount on any pass with code "DREAMIT50."

  • Webinar: The Real Impact of a Data Security Breach | October 3 | A major security breach can threaten the life of your entire organization. In this webinar hosted by Dark Reading, experts discuss potential losses and how an effective data breach response program can mitigate the damage. 

  • Defense Strategies Institute Insider Threat Symposium | Alexandria, VA | October 15-16 | This event will focus on the efforts to develop insider threat programs across government agencies and private industry to deter insider threats.

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