What is Dreamit UrbanTech? A Conversation with Jeff Vinik

Our goal at Dreamit UrbanTech is to scale the startups that are building the cities of the future. New companies operating in fields like real estate tech, construction tech, the built environment, and IoT will be critical players in helping cities adapt to growing populations, new forms of transportation, the changing nature of work, and climate change.

The Dreamit team is seeking founders with a market-ready product to join a 14-week program, created in partnership with Jeff Vinik and his $3B urban redevelopment of the Tampa waterfront (Forbes: Why Jeff Vinik and Bill Gates are Investing $3B in Tampa). 

Dreamit CEO Avi Savar and Chief Innovation Officer Steve Barsh sat down for a webinar Q&A with Jeff Vinik about the accelerator, the project in Tampa, and the future of cities. Watch the AMA here:

Startups will receive unparalleled access to coaching, customers, and capital. 

  • Integration into the $3B Tampa Bay Urban Redevelopment Initiative. One of the largest urban redevelopments in the US, this initiative is spearheaded by Strategic Property Partners, a joint venture between Jeff Vinik and Bill Gates' Cascade Investments.

  • Hands-on, bespoke coaching. Founders will complete weekly meetings with Managing Directors to hone a go-to-market strategy, and pressure test ideas. 

  • A nation-wide customer network. Halfway through the program, startups embark on a two-week customer immersion roadshow, expediting relationship building with at least 6-8 enterprise-level clients. 
  • A network of investors. The culmination of the Dreamit experience is a two-week, bi-coastal investor roadshow during which startups pitch their ideas to top-tier VCs in New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Palo Alto.