The Keys to Developing an Effective Enterprise Sales Strategy

We recently teamed up with HubSpot and Agathos (Dreamit HealthTech F2018) to host a webinar focused on teaching startups how to develop an effective enterprise sales strategy. Growing a startup, particularly a startup that sells to enterprises, is challenging. Without a good understanding of your target customer and a process you can use to sell to them, you won’t close (m)any deals.

During the webinar, HubSpot and Agathos described the four components of an effective enterprise sales strategy:

  1. Buyer Personas — A semi-fictional representation of your target customer, combining demographic information (such as age, profession, etc.) with psychographic information (such as goals, challenges, etc.) to form a complete picture of who your customers are.

  2. The Customer Journey — A three-step process that includes the pre-purchase experience (how do customers hear about your brand?), the purchase experience (how do customers engage with your brand?), and the post-purchase experience (how do you onboard customers, follow-up with them, and continue to engage with them?).

  3. A Sales Process and Methodology — Your sales process is the specific steps your team uses to close new customers while your sales methodology is the way your team approaches its sales conversations. Examples of sales methodologies include Challenger Sales (challenging how a prospect thinks about their business in order to help them look at it in new ways), Solution Selling (creating customized solutions to solve customers’ problems), Consultative Selling (becoming a trusted advisor to the prospect and working with the customer to gain their trust and authority over time), and Transactional Selling (selling a generic or commodity product at a high volume and small deal size).

  4. Technology — You should use technology to make it as easy as possible for prospects to express interest in your product, interact with your sales team, and move through the customer journey.

To learn more about implementing this sales strategy, and to hear a case study about how Agathos has used this strategy to great success, watch the full webinar below.

Charles LaCalle