The Keys to Selling Enterprise SaaS in Real Estate


In this DreamitLive, Urbantech Managing Director Andrew Ackerman speaks with StringBean founder and CEO Reuben Levine about the do’s and don’ts of selling into real estate, including how to get into the mind of the buyer, how to de-risk your product to increase the likelihood of making a sale, and how to pursue product-led growth. 

What are facilities managers and property managers looking for in tech products? How do they evaluate tech products? What should a pilot look like with these types of customers. We’ll answer these and many other questions during the live event. 

During this DreamitLive, we cover the following topics: 

  • What does “product-led growth” mean for a proptech startup

  • How to get into the mind of a buyer

  • Understanding risk factors from the point of view of your customer

  • What words and messaging work well when pitching your product? 

  • Using your pilot to show compelling data

  • De-risking your pilot

  • What are the common critical success factors that made those to sales possible