The Complex Problem of Insider Threats

In this DreamitLive, Securetech Managing Director Bob Stasio speaks with Bill Conners from ForMotiv about the increasingly frequent and ever-evolving problem of insider threats.

How can organizations protect their data?
How can you be proactive in identifying potential insider threats?
What are the best practices around security strategy when it comes to insider threats? 

The team at ForMotiv has deep experience when it comes to insider threats. The company's “Digital Polygraph” measures thousands of unique behavioral signals captured as users or employees engage with their work. Using a combination of A.I., machine learning, and predictive behavioral analytics, they analyze users' digital body language and predict their intent, enabling companies to optimize their online experiences & predict things like risk and fraud.

Here are some topics we'll cover…

  • The complexity of dealing with insider threats

  • Why insider threats are so difficult to identify

  • What kinds of data bad actors typically target 

  • Case studies dealing with fraud and insider trading