Venture Trends in Real Estate Tech

At the Future of Real Estate Tech Summit in Miami, three investors joined a panel to discuss trends in proptech. Michael Beckerman (Founder, CEO of CREtech), Jeff Berman (Partner at Camber Creek), and Andrew Ackerman (Managing Director at UrbanTech Dreamit) are thought leaders in the space and discuss the biggest changes in the market. As the industry grows increasingly aware of the cost and time-saving benefits of real estate technology spurring adoption and boosting sales, investor interest has skyrocketed. In 2017, venture investors deployed over $5 billion in real estate technology, more than 150 times the $33 million invested in 2010.

From artificial intelligence and virtual reality to people-tracking beacons and blockchain to leveraging big data and platform management What are the innovations with the greatest potential to upend the real estate industry? Which real estate innovations are causing the most disruption in the industry? What are today’s investors excited about and where do they see the future of real estate technology heading?