How big is the proptech or real estate tech industry?

Here are some statistics about the real estate tech industry: 

  • Venture investors sank $18.6 billion into real estate property technology — known as proptech — firms from 2015 to 2017, and more than 25 percent of that came in the fourth quarter of last year alone, according to a report from real estate tech research and marketing agency Re:Tech.
  • In 2017, VCs put $12.6B into the real estate tech sector, with WeWork and Compass leading in terms of funds raised. Softbank invested $4.4 billion in WeWork and $450 million in Compass. United Stated-based real estate tech firms comprised nearly $6.5 billion, or 52 percent, of the venture capital funding raised in 2017. 
  • The global real estate tech (proptech) market maintained a steady beat in June 2018.  Total venture capital investments in real estate tech startups increased by nearly 104% from May 2018 to June 2018, while total funded real estate tech startups declined by 27% from 48 deals in May 2018 to 35 deals in June 2018.  
  • The largest real estate tech funding rounds in June: 
    • WeWork ($500M)
    • Zhuge ($22M)
    • Reali ($20M)
    • Awfis Space Solutions ($20M)
    • Openpath Security ($20M)
    • Campfire Collaborative Spaces ($18M)
    • Skyline AI ($18M)
  • According to Cushman & Wakefield's Occupier Edge report, some 70% of the $6 billion invested in proptech globally since 2011 took place through 2017 and 2018. 
  • Global proptech funding has been rising about 36% each year, and it could rise even faster in the near future as more real estate-focused venture funds enter the market. 
  • Venture funds and corporates investing in real estate tech:
    • Commercial brokerages like JLL and Colliers International have launched their own proptech accelerator labs in which engineers design specialized software products fueled by their respective mountains of market information. 
    • Fifth Wall Ventures announced it is raising a $400M fund for its second proptech focused vehice. LPs in Fifth Wall include CBRE and landlords Equity Residenital, Hines, Macerich and Prologis.
    • Dreamit UrbanTech is continuing to invest in dozens of proptech startups each years. Startups enter the program and have an opportunity to work with the largest customer network in real estate, which includes firms like Rudin, Related Companies, Skanska, Suffolk, and others.