How to Overcome Implementation Barriers with Construction Tech Products

Change is hard, especially in an industry that is literally ancient like construction. Adopting new construction technology is an investment and a learning curve for workers. There are endless choices, making it difficult to know what’s the best option for your company. Finally, it takes a massive cultural shift that requires nurturing and resources to make a reality.

While making a change can be a hurdle, one thing is for sure; the exponential pace of technological progress is not slowing down anytime soon, especially in the construction industry. So, how can companies reasonably keep up with the pace of innovation, and better understand how to select and implement the right technology for their teams?

Hear a series of industry experts from McKinsey & Company, Pull Plan and Gordon & Rees Scully Mansukhani about new data on where innovation is shifting in construction and the cultural changes firms must embrace to capture its impact.

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