A Comprehensive List of Real Estate Venture Capital Firms

The term ‘built environment’ refers to all aspects of nature that are built by humans, i.e. that are not part of the natural environment. The built environment includes buildings, infrastructure, transportation networks, utilities networks, and more. The business supply chain as it relates to the built environment is comprised of real estate developers, architecture firms, design firms, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and materials producers. 

Every day at Dreamit UrbanTech, we interact with new startups transforming this supply chain, and as part of our 14-week growth-focused program, we bring select startups on a 2-week "Investor Roadshow" where they meet with dozens of investors from both generalist firms and from firms focused on real estate, construction, and products for smarter cities. 

We wanted to share some of our favorite firms focused on the built environment so you can use it as a resource for fundraising. We will continue to maintain this spreadsheet and will be updating it regularly with new venture investors who we meet who are committed to transforming real estate, construction, and the built environment.  Please email charles@dreamit.com if you'd like to add your investment group to this list.