Digital Health News Roundup

Here are 9 ways consumer driven technology is redefining healthcare. Some of these include AI to assist doctors, blockchain technology, and chatbots for healthcare. Read More

Doctors and hospitals are changing the way they think about medical errors and adopting more transparency. Read More

300 million people around the world suffer from asthma. This report by Asthma UK outlines how technology is transforming how people are treated for this condition. Read More

NY based health insurance company Oscar is pulling away from the New Jersey and Dallas-Fort Worth markets. MedCity News

Do digital health tools require reimbursement under third-party payment programs to find success? Read More

Apple acquires health data startup Gliimpse. "The app Founded in 2013, Gliimpse collates users’ personal health data from different platforms, turning information from labs, hospitals, and pharmacies into a single shareable report. This report can be used to provide doctors with a complete medical record, but Gliimpse also suggests that users donate it anonymously to a "national health graph," which would provide raw material to researchers seeking medical breakthroughs." The Verge

The future of healthcare is arriving. Singularity University breaks out 8 areas that you need to watch in healthcare. Read More

"If I wanted to have an easy job, you know, I could go be a software developer at Facebook.” That's from someone who works in healthcare IT. This article dives into how design and usability experts at Epic figure out their products. Read More

Designing for diabetes is difficult because it's actually a collective term for different diseases with different pathophysiology, prevalence, and solution sets. Diabetes affects 86 million people. This MedCity News article outlines the state of tech solutions for diabetes and what's lacking. Read More

"Health care could use some really good design." Healthcare is full of friction, AI and other trends may force healthcare in that direction. Read More 

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