Resources for Keeping Up with the Latest in EdTech

We spoke with Jeanne Allen of the Center for Education Reform and Romy Drucker of The 74 during a recent #Get2A webinar event.  During the course of our conversation, the panelists referenced a number of important ways to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in education reform and edtech. Here are their top recommendations. 

Top News Sources:

- EdSurge is one of the most visited edtech focused news sites and has a mission to help schools find, select, and use the right technology to support all learners. 

- Whiteboard Advisors is an communications agency focused on crafting strategy for complex and fragmented markets such as education. Their blog features a great analysis of the latest issues in education. They also provide monthly reports on policy trends and debates in education. 

- Ed Week is one of the premiere sites for news and analysis on the pre-collegiate education system in America. 

- The 74 Million is a non-profit news site covering education in America. The name comes from the 74 million children in America under the age of 18. 

-The American Council on Education is the coordinating body for America's colleges and universities. They have a fantastic newsletter and news section on their site. 

- The CER Newswire is a fantastic place to find a weekly report on education news and commentary. 

Chronicle of Higher Ed is published every day and has dedicated sections for faculty issues, student issues, technology, data, and more. 

-The University Innovation Alliance  is a coalition of eleven public research universities spanning the geographic, economic and social diversity. Their blog is a must-read for high ed news. 

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We've created a Twitter list of influential people to follow in education reform and edtech. 


New York EdTech Week on Dec. 19-21

Center for Education Reform Events and their EdTech Roundtable

The EduCause annual conference

Get to know your local charter and education reform organizations. Attend their conferences.

And don't forget to register for our webinar on go-to-market strategies in edtech on November 9!

Charles LaCalle