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Virtual Roundtable: Getting Your Product Reimbursed by Payers

"I'll just get a CPT code." Good luck with that! What does it really take for a payer to reimburse providers for your product? What is the reimbursement decision process that payers use to decide whether to cover a new technology?  Coverage, coding, and payment are the three pillars of a reimbursement strategy, and this webinar will cover each of these topics so founders can develop a strategic plan early in the product development process to ensure a positive coverage and reimbursement outcome. Hospitals and physicians may love your startup, but public and private payers reimburse, so they set the rules. Startup founders will learn…

  • How to create a reimbursement strategy

  • How to use clinical trials to support coverage decisions

  • How the CMS coverage process differs from the way private payers reimburse


Meghan Fotopoulos | Accenture |  Managing Director | @accenture

Sidonia Swarm | Real Dietician | Founder | @sidoniarose 

Daniel Brown | IBX | Director, Provider Reimbursement | @IBX