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Cybersecurity Startup Demo Night

Join us for a night of networking and learning with security experts, practitioners, CISOs, startup founders, and VCs from the New York cybersecurity community.

Over the past 20 years, large enterprise organizations have greatly increased their investment in security. With a majority of organizations retaining a mature security team, and global information security spending expected to hit $124B, a mature security framework is now “table stakes.”

Now, with the basic security framework in place, how should an organization think about potential gaps? As corporations have increased security capabilities, attackers are growing even more inventive in how they breach the walls, creating a cybersecurity “arms race.” This is evident in the rise of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), advanced fraud attacks, and “black swan” events that are difficult to predict.

Bob Stasio, former NSA cyber operations lead, will host a conversation with six leading experts to discuss overlooked security areas and suggest possible solutions:

Kamil Kaluza is the Chief Revenue Officer of QuantaVerse and an expert in the fields of financial crime and anti-money laundering. Kamil’s company uses data science solutions to prevent financial crime.

Bill Connors is the founder of Formotiv, a new company which examines human behavior in digital processes which traditionally have been face-to-face. Bill’s company is on the leading edge of detecting application and internal fraud within financial organizations.  

Pete Slade is a world-renowned expert in Threat Hunting and Cyber Analytics. Pete has personally developed technology to detect the most advanced “unknown, unknown” threats and discover APT anomalies in networks.

Eric Giroux is an expert in physical security and has created a unique technology to discover the presence of “black swan” attack events such as dangerous powders and liquids.

Martin Sajon is a leading expert in the emerging field of Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBNM) and understanding the complexities between security platforms.

Venkat Ramshet is the founder of FlexIR, which focuses on creating a SOAR platform which is simple to use and setup.

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