Dreamit SecureTech and SOSA are teaming up to host a night of networking and thought leadership with security experts, practitioners and investors, from the New York cybersecurity community. Over the past 20 years, large enterprise organizations have greatly increased their investment in security. With a vast majority of organizations retaining a mature secure team, and global information security spending expected to hit $124B, a mature security framework is now “table stakes”.

Now with the basic security framework in place, how should an organization think about potential gaps? What is falling through the cracks and putting the organization at risk? As corporations have increased security capabilities, attackers are growing even more inventive in how they breach the walls, creating a cybersecurity “arms race.” This is evident in the rise of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), advanced fraud attacks, and “black swan” events that are difficult to predict.

Join us for an evening moderated by former NSA cyber operations lead, Bob Stasio where he will lead a conversation with six leading experts to discuss overlooked security areas and suggest possible solutions: David McClaughlinBill ConnorsPete SladeEric GirouxMartin SajonVenkat Raghunath