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Challenges and Opportunities in Building Health Tech Startups

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The digital health space is wildly hot right now for startups. We'll be hosting a session at the NextGen Summit in NYC focused on people interested in early stage digital health and med device startups. You’ll hear from 4 leaders in the digital health movement who will share their thoughts and experiences on building emerging and market dominating digital health and med device companies.

  • How do identify if you have a big idea? Is it easy to “get right” the first time or do you need to iterate? The importance of grit.

  • Getting started: Go it alone or get a co-founder? If the co-founder route, where best to find them and how do you know if there is a match?

  • How to get help along the way: The role of mentors, advisors, friends, and accelerators

  • How and when to approach an investor

  • Biggest mistakes you see people making

  • Hacks to being successful

The Panel

Mike Kopko, Senior Director Network Construction at Oscar Insurance LinkedIn

Matt McCambridge, Founder of EdenHealth

Matt Loper, Founder of Wellth LinkedIn

Moderator: Steve Barsh, Chief Innovation Officer of Dreamit LinkedIn